To go or not go

Depending on my mood, I can be either a glass half full or a glass half empty kind of person. In the glass half full column, we managed to make it to New Brunswick and - as my son's gleefully reported - didn't get nabbed for speeding by the Maine State Police. St. Stephen is a lovely little town just over the border into New Brunswick. We got to see a Loyalist Burial Ground, had a yummy lunch - complete with poutine - at Carmen's Diner with friend, Darlene Norman Brown, and enjoyed our tour and chocolates at Ganong. (My blogs about the Ganong Chocolate Museum and Fredericton Farmers Market will follow with video in a few days.) Fredericton and its citizens were lovely. We got help finding the Farmers Market and people were very open and kind while being interviewed by Ben. When you throw in the gorgeous Mactaquac Provincial Park and the fun the boys had camping - everything was going swimmingly.

Until it wasn't.

There are many problems associated with being a Type I diabetic, most of which my eldest son, Ben, deals with with great maturity. We brought with us every conceivable form of medication he might need, barring a total failure of his insulin pump system. So what happens? A total failure of his insulin pump system. And an infection of his pump site.

After a lengthy conversation with the help desk of the pump company, we knew that we had to return home - as quickly as possible.

So was this a failed start or a trial run? It's back to the glass half empty scenario. We could look at it as a failure: that it is too difficult to travel around another country with two boys, one of whom has some serious health problems. That it is much smarter just to be normal, do the normal thing and send them off to school and cancel the whole trip. But they are not "normal" and neither am I. And what is so great about being normal anyway? Sure, it seems important when you're a teenager, but it can be quite boring for the rest of your life.

Why is there so much emphasis on fitting in when you can instead be gloriously original? Why not instead accept and celebrate our differences? And pack up our suitcases when Ben is well again and head off again on this mad adventure?

I vote for trial run.

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