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An Explanation or why  you should Never make plans

What is that old saying?  Gods laugh when men make plans? That's how it has felt over the past four years as I've attempted to show my sons what Canada is all about, one province at a time.  I originally planned - yes, can you hear the Gods laughing? - to finish the entire trip within two years. But two years stretched into three and now four, with our most recent end date going to be the Fall/Winter of 2020/21. 


What happened? Life happened.  Two house moves, packing and unpacking, new schools and .... gasp, high school.  You add in all the afterschool activities and the summers Ben spent acting with a wonderful theater troupe in New Hampshire - yay, Andy's Summer Playhouse! -  and you find yourself in July of 2019 with one son getting ready for college and the other a busy Sophmore.

But we - I - am determined to try and finish this adventure.  Ben will be attending the University of New Hampshire in the fall - studying communications and video production and Matti will be heading off to college in Canada for Computer Science in three short years.  It is now or never.

So we pick up the map again and head out this week to Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the Alta/BC Rockies.  We are planning - yes, cue laughter - on BC and the Yukon next summer and then the Arctic in the Fall/Winter at the best season to see the Northern Lights.

Wish us good luck and lots of Timmy's on the road ahead!

- Kim