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Kim Herdman Shapiro

Award Winning Graphic Artist, Author, Journalist & Videographer

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Award Nominated for 2023!

The Raven's Cry

TV producer Kate Zoë Thomas, fleeing an abduction in Afghanistan and heartbreak in Boston, accepts the first job that gives her a fresh start: station manager at a tiny community channel on Wynter Island in the Canadian Gulf Islands.

But, try as she may, Kate cannot outrun her bad luck. On a moonlit walk to a local beach, Kate spots a body bobbing in the surf. In shock, she recognizes the lifeless face and realizes there is only one person on the island with a motive for his murder.



Will she manage to solve the mystery before the murderer stops her?

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Press & Reviews


"Kim is a marvelous Canadian ambassador to the world and a fantastic recorder of its places."


Indigo, Canada's National Bookstore

"Fans of small-town cozy mysteries will enjoy this action-packed yet character-driven story."


Publishers Weekly

"Shapiro, a former print and broadcast journalist in Canada, creates a vivid world on Wynter Island, and it’s one that’s full of quirky characters."

Kirkus Reviews

"The narrative style is fantastic and flowed gorgeously. The pace is perfect, and the scenes were descriptive enough to transport me right next to Kate as she solved the murder. Highly recommended!"

Readers' Favorite

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Gelato with the Pope:

and other adventures of a travel writer in Europe

One woman, two bags, and a stolen package of British Airways peanuts. That is how Kim Herdman Shapiro began the biggest adventure of her life.


She was going to travel around Europe, chatting with the fascinating and famous, eating wonderful meals, exploring magical places and writing about it for her syndicated travel column. The reality was a lot more complicated ….. and funny.


A desperate attempt to go to the toilet becomes a minor international incident at the Trooping of the Colour. A train trip to Berlin becomes an exercise in surviving a zombie apocalypse. And then there is, of course, the time when she broke into the Vatican to see the Pope.


Gelato with the Pope is a wonderfully honest and humorous portrait of the author and her adventures.

Simple Maple Leaves

what the hell is a toque:

and other questions on the great canadian roadtrip

Follow Kim Herdman Shapiro as she criss-crosses Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and north to the Arctic, with her two sons in tow.

Her mission: to show them what it means to be Canadian. Through a series of video essays, she chronicles their journey from the emerald cliffs of Newfoundland to the Polar Bears of Manitoba, and the majesty of the Rockies.


About Kim Herdman Shapiro

She is an author, journalist, graphic artist, and vlogger. She has worked in both print and broadcast journalism, as well as creating one of the first ever digital e-zines with her Microsoft Award-winning travel site, Footloose. 


Although she grew up in Vancouver, she has lived and traveled to many different places around the world. Some of these places are detailed in her book, Gelato with the Pope: and other adventures of a travel writer in Europe. She has spent the last seven years filming across Canada for What the Hell is a Toque: and other questions on the great Canadian roadtrip, where she shows her two sons what it means to be Canadian.

For the past twenty years, she has lived with her husband and sons in New England.

At present, her writing life is focused on her two mystery series, one based in British Columbia and the other her home for the past 25 years: New Hampshire.  She also serves on the board of Sisters in Crime New England and works as their Public Relations Director.

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